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well well well. i'm now writing on the other language my native fellowship taught me. Location: Luleå, Norrbotten, Sweden. Hello america. Today life played me a spratt. I was running A3-running-intervallz as a local came up to me. I suddenly realized there was two locals. And that i knew both of them. As fun as it might sound one was an Edmán. Elin's father, Mikael. The other wellknown local was snickarjanne. Vendelas fader. Roligt att träffa gamla Gjutaren-ledare! As the 6min stonehard interwalls was done i went home to my sauna. Well deserved! After the dinner, ( hemmagjorda hamburgare med klyftpotatis och coleslaughery) i went out drifing with a XC70 exclusively equipped whith roofbox containing nothing but poles from all the different brands. (comment for details)
The darkness was suddenly inevitable and as I walked into my house I heard the theme-song of SOLSIDAN. A tear of joy ran down my cheek. Laughed the whole show. I must say that it is too short... 30min-10min-reklam)=20 minuter. Inte bara att det är kort. ove var bara med 7 sekunder!
I totally dedicate this post to my former english-teacher Hans :) Even though I belive he will.....


saw it by the ankles...
Gustav Johansson NV10s


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