Love on heaven angel

Kategori: Allmänt

Skribent: Tobias och Simon

Första passet. TK running in two hours in extremly weather conditions with rain pouring down from cloudy heaven.
Other guys went through a strenghttest with chins chips and brutalbench. We believe Anton beat the schoolrecord in chins with 32 repetations. We are so glad for him. We bought him a chinsrailwaystation, its like a playstation but  you cant play it, you just be in it.

On afterdinner we watched the movie "Into the wild" , Tobblatzius watched for his third time in life and Simon was happy even tough it was his first time experience.

We saw a Englishmen running down the street on his bare feet so we decided to meet and released the beast, Simons Toyota and drove all the way up to Tjautjasmountaintop, where we started our second pass, about 1,36 RF. Simon got som problems with his heart after an impulse and was angry rest of the pass. 

Now we are packing for tomorrow we are leaving town for a week in Germany with Octoberfeast, we have to bring warm clothes with us because they maybe have finished the world cup track in Dusseldorf and maybe we can watch the snow there and they maybe play the famous well-known song Das Geht Abt so maybe we need to cut it down, and think again...

German needs help, but we dont care because life isn't fair, its like going down a stair.



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